Valencia president Anil Murthy receives death threats

Valencia have claimed their president Anil Murthy has received death threats and they have reported the matter to the police.

Murthy is an increasingly unpopular figure among the club’s support due to a series of power battles that have been played out in recent months.

There have been fractions among the hierarchies of the club with club owner Peter Lim and Murthy having a high-profile fallout with former Coach Marcelino Garcia Toral and general manager Mateu Alemany.

Marcelino was sacked from his position last month while it is thought that Alemany will leave his position before the end of the year, with the club’s fans angry about how the situation has been handled by the club.

“The legal services of VCF have made available to the police the serious threats, some of them of death, received in the last hours in the mobile phone of the president of the club, in order to the possible criminal consequences that could derive from it,” read a Valencia statement.

As reported by Marca, Murthy made a shushing gesture towards the club’s fans during Saturday’s victory at home to Alaves when they began chanting for his departure.

Murthy gestured for the fans to calm down, before placing his fingers to his lips to silence the crowd and appearing to tell them to focus on the match, rather than chanting for his departure.

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