Gareth Bale: Champions League ‘comes naturally’ to Real Madrid

Gareth Bale claims the Champions League is ‘different’ and ‘comes naturally’ to Real Madrid, who must ‘pick up from where they left off’ at Roma.

“We earned the win. Now we have to improve and keep winning games,” the Welshman said after his goal in the Champions League on Tuesday.

“We have a new Coach and we have to give ourselves time. Now we must keep fighting.

“The Champions League is a different competition to La Liga. It’s played differently, against teams who want to play football. It comes natural to us, it’s hard to explain.

“Matches don’t last for 435 minutes, they last 90. The first half wasn’t so good. We knew that by fighting and playing well, we’d have chances. We’re improving step by step.

“We found the start of the season a bit tough, but we have to keep growing. We have pick up from where we left off in the second half.”

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