Wednesday 27 December 2012

Today's front page headlines from AS, Marca and Mundo Deportivo

Cristiano to not renew

The club intend to convince him, if they cannot they will sell him or he will go for free in 2015

CR7 continues to annoy Florentino as he continues to say no to proposals for a contract renewal

Pepe: “If Cristiano and Mourinho decide to leave, it will be their decision. I will not decide the same thing just because they go”

The Calderon was a fort in 2012: Of 28 official games, Atletico only lost to Real and Barca

Miguel Cardenal: “The people want clubs to pay the debt to the tax man”

Benitez wants Villa at Chelsea: Abramovich is ready to pay 14 million euros for him

Authentic and class

Xabi Alonso returns to show how an exemplary footballer signs his renewal

Madrid offer him two years and he only wants one

He does not want to sign for more until seeing his performances

He does not ask for an increase of his salary because already it increased last year without him asking for it

Mou opens training to the fans and gets reacquainted with Casillas

Marcelo already walking again, he recovers from his injury picked up in Amsterdam

Falcao, the best in the world: Receives an award at the Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai

Benitez wants Villa together with Torres: Chelsea to pay 15 million euros for him in the January transfer market

A devastating accusation made by the central defender in an interview with Record in Valdebebas

Pepe: “We Portuguese feel persecuted in Spain”

Top secret

Messi - an offer from Russia

A team from the Russian League made him an incredible proposal and were ready to pay his 250 million release clause

Leo did not consider it and did not use it to his advantage when renewing his contract

Benitez’s Chelsea longs for Villa

Kluivert sees a weaker Milan without Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Barcelona, their new pre-match shirt

Real Madrid’s Pepe: “We Portuguese at the club feel persecuted”

The defender feels victimised and complains that he has felt targeted ever since the assault on Casquero