Today’s Papers: Zidane announces he’s leaving Real Madrid (again) and the search for his successor begins

Friday’s Spanish football headlines from Marca, Diario AS and Mundo Deportivo – in English!

No hurry to secure a successor
  • Madrid communicates Zidane's decision: "It's time to respect his decision"
  • Pochettino, Conte, Raul and Xabi Alonso on the list
  • Allegri close to being appointed at Juventus
  • Diego Martinez leaves Granada
  • Michel to Getafe, Bordalas to Valencia
  • Villarreal take to the streets
  • "Pau will stay to play in the Champions League"
  • Saul doesn't change his mind: He wants to go
The successor
  • Madrid make Zidane's departure official
  • "This will always be his home"
  • Pochettino is the most-liked to replace him
  • Conte, Raul and Xabi Alonso on the list
  • Michel returns to Getafe ten years later
  • A party of fireworks in Villarreal
  • Laporta dreaming of bringing Guardiola back to Camp Nou
He goes (again)
  • Three years later, Zidane again leaves Madrid of his own volition
  • Pochettino the favourite to take over
  • Villarreal celebrate the Europa League title win
  • Matheus Fernandes "Koeman has something personal against me"
  • Laporta breaks his silence and details Barcelona's future
  • Barcelona close to closing deals for Wijnaldum and Depay
  • They bring back Emerson to Camp Nou
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