Today’s Papers: Ronaldo’s double motivation, Mbappe not reliant on Zidane’s continuity, Barcelona interested in Felix

Thursday’s Spanish football headlines from Marca, Diario AS and Mundo Deportivo – in English!

Ronaldo to play for Madrid
  • The Pucela pact is already in play
  • Ronaldo, Valladolid's president, knows a win over Atletico would have double value
  • It would secure their safety and help Madrid win the title
  • He maintains a very good relationship with Florentino and Zidane
  • "Against Madrid we'll play with an eye on United"
  • Emery says Villarreal have two finals and the objective is the Europa League
  • There won't be a trade
  • Atletico shoot down the idea of trading Felix for Griezmann
  • Barcelona want Bayern's coach
  • Flick is best-placed to replace Koeman
  • Luis Enrique to name La Roja squad on Monday
With or without Zidane
  • Mbappe doesn't connect his future to Zidane's continuity at Madrid
  • Flick enters the scene
  • Laporta calls Flick, doesn't want Xavi and sees Koeman's days as numbered
  • Joao Felix isn't for sale
  • Atletico shoot down the idea of a swap for Griezmann
A trade
  • In a global pandemic, a trade is an idea Barcelona are considering
  • Felix likes Barcelona and Atletico's president opened the door to sign Griezmann
  • Barcelona Femeni celebrate the double with 8-0 win over Athletic
  • Juventus and PSG don't fail and win their cups
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