Today’s Papers: Pain, passion and millions of people as the world says goodbye to Diego Maradona

Friday’s headlines from Marca, Diario Sport and Mundo Deportivo in English!

  • He left everyone
  • Boca and River fans put aside their rivalry
  • The San Paolo stadium wants to change its name
  • Thousands of mourners descend upon the presidential palace
  • It was like saying goodbye to a head of state
  • They honoured his legend in Naples
  • He rests in Bellavista ceremony
  • Police, wounded and general chaos on a frenetic day
  • Modric, Nacho, Lucas and Ramos thinking of renewing
  • Global mourning
  • The death of Diego Maradona provokes manifestations in cities all over the world in his remembrance
  • Buenos Aires: there was a million
  • Naples, Mexico and Kolkata
  • Barcelona: there was thousands
  • Maradona's coffin was kept in the presidential palace for fear of incident
  • Rousaud proposes the transfer of Neymar
  • The day Maradona raised up Messi
  • Cry for me, Argentina
  • Maradona receives a massive goodbye with pain, passion and kilometres full of people all around the presidential palace
  • The photos that enraged a country
  • Employees of the funeral home take photos with his cadaver
  • Koeman adjusts his salary
  • Granada win and put a foot-and-a-half in the last 32
  • Rousaud: We are taking steps with Neymar and we have another top signing in mind
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