Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Mister ‘Zizou’

Zidane now has his official coaching badge in order

He will start the season on the bench next to Ancelotti but is licensed to act as Head Coach

He will continue to advise the President, as he did in the signings of Varane, Isco and Illarramendi

Lusito, from ‘Bar Conejo’ to the Valdebebas factory

Neymar’s homework: Barca impose a health and fitness diet including aerobic and gymnasium exercises, so he can put on seven kilos

‘A special plan for Oliver’ – Simeone will design a special pre-season in Madrid for the youngster

A starting line-up with Isco, Illarra and Carvajal

An AS survey leaves Arbeloa, Khedira and Di Maria out

The fans are counting on quality and talent in place of muscle

AS survey: Mourinho a unanimous failure

Fans of all Primera and Segunda teams rate him negatively

Alternatives to Thiago: the club monitor players in case Tito wants to sign a replacement for Alcantara

Real Madrid: La Real will make you pay €42m for Illarra

Florentino will have to pay the clause and the IRPF

Top Secret: David Luiz causes divisions

MD report: the exit operation is like this

Messi already rested: ‘Hat-trick’ in his latest run-out

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