Kaka, trick or treat

Florentino and Galliani will discuss the Brazilian's future in New York today

Real Madrid and Milan play their European 'clasico' in the early hours at the Yankee Stadium

Astiazaran: "La Liga will begin on the 18th, I'm sure of it" - the 13 rebel clubs threaten to delay the start

Barca-Man Utd: Tito can finally count on Villa

Kaka will be the centre of attention in the Yankee Stadium

Galliani and Florentino will negotiate in a private box

Thirteen clubs unite to defend their television rights and threaten the start of La Liga

Passionate duel: Barca face a test of fire against the same rivals from Rome 2009 and Wembley 2011

A possible debut for Jordi Alba

David Villa and Andreu Fontas travel with the team to Gothenburg

Brazil 3 South Korea 0: Neymar will look for gold against Mexico at Wembley

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