Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

A 10 out of 10 Coach

PSG’s Brazilians put Ancelotti right up there

Lucas Moura: “As a person and a Coach he is 10 out of 10. He does things so the players are happy on the pitch”

Thiago Silva: “He always goes out to win, always plans to play attacking football. He is ready for any challenge”

Bale at the same price as Cristiano

Neymar: “I’ve come to help Messi be the best in the world”

Atleti sign Baptista for five years

Mel renews his contract until 2017

Navas to City for €20m and Palop to Leverkusen

Cristiano at death point

He ignores the first tentative steps from Florentino to renew his contract

Carvajal, best full-back in the Bundesliga according to Bild, yesterday sealed his signing for Madrid

Neymar gathers 56,500 Cules

“My heart is with Barca. I’ve not come for the money”

The club says he cost €57m

Casillas: “I’m always ready to play. I’ve no grudges against Mourinho”

Atletico sign Leo Baptista for five years

Rayo will receive €7m

Neymar the idol

More than 56,000 fans pulsate at the Brazilian star’s presentation

“Messi is the best and I’ve come to help him. I’ve brought my heart to Barca”

Contract: Five years, €190m clause, €57m the total cost of the signing

His first day as an Azulgrana

Espanyol: The emotional homenage to Dani Jarque a success

Real Madrid: Mou declares he has feelings only towards Inter and Chelsea

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