Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Ramos 2020

€8.5m net, €1.5m in bonuses

Madrid and the player will present the agreement before the start of the season

Of the variable salary, half a million will be for games played and another million, for titles won

Real Madrid-Milan

17 European Cups compete today in China

Future in White

Madrid tie up Zaragoza’s Vallejo and make a move for Betis’ Ceballos

Both would continue on loan for a season at their respective teams

The operation with Betis would also include the loan of Asensio

Lesson for Benitez to Mourinho

The Blanco Coach responds with elegance and irony…

“I understand football and I’ll only talk about football”

…to the final rudeness of the Portuguese launched against him and his wife

“She should be concerned about her husband’s diet, not talking about me”

Platini aims at FIFA

Announces his candidacy to be President

Real Jaen

Far right

Nuno Silva wears a shirt with the image of Franco to his presentation

Euroclasico at 40 degrees

The two most decorated teams in Europe meet in the International Champions Cup in the Shanghai sauna

Row between Morata and Allegri

The Coach makes a change after 25 minutes: “I didn’t like his attitude”

Atleti’s Asia tour will make €2m

The team yesterday travelled to Japan, where they play their first friendly

Mou: “Benitez’s wife should be concerned about her husband’s diet”

Benitez: “I only understand football and will only talk about football”

Platini makes official his FIFA candidacy - The election is February 26

Europa League

Athletic open the season against Inter Baku

Nuno Silva presented at Real Jaen wearing a Franco shirt

The Portuguese then asked for forgiveness

Leader Suarez

The Uruguayan has been the star of the tour and has assumed responsibility in the absence of Neymar and Messi

Scores two goals, gets rid of the misconduct and demonstrates his commitment to the team

Douglas injured for two months and Adriano ‘retained’

Messi trains already

His wife shares a picture of him running at his home in Castelldefels along with his son

Mou takes on the weight of Rafa Benitez

Responds to criticism from the wife of the Blanco Coach:

“Care about your husband’s diet”

Platini confirms he will seek the FIFA Presidency

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