Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Increased leaders

Madrid take advantage of skids from Barca and Sevilla to expand their La Liga advantage

Madrid start the night with whistles but it end it four points clear at the top

Goals from Kovacic, Cristiano and Morata

Ghost goal...and ghost Barca

Sevilla lose ground

Jese - destined for Las Palmas - they reach agreement with PSG

Real Madrid keep going

Great game by Kovacic, a Cristiano goal and judgement by Morata

Real Madrid 3-0 Real Sociedad - lead the table by 4 points with a game in hand

Fortunate refereeing decisions in the games of Barcelona and Sevilla

Hernandez Hernandez ruled Barca goal hadn't crossed line, Vicandi penalised Sevilla with a penalty and red card in the 3rd minute

Athletic comeback after half time - entrance of Williams after the break was the key for win

Las Palmas will examine Voro's 'magic' - Jese could sign for Las Palmas and Orellana, for Valencia

Simeone only has 15 fit first-team players - injury of Gimenez leaves Atleti in crisis

"One metre over the line"

Another scandal - referee does not award Alba goal clearly over the line and doesn't give penalty for foul on Neymar

The Brazilian posts on instagram with a still image of the incident

The Periquitos show a better version - Espanyol 3-1 Sevilla

The leaders get more of a lead - four points now

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