Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…


Pure heart of a champion, embraces the Champions League and is grateful to Real Madrid

“Madrid has taught me to never surrender

“The strength of this team is in the fans”

“I devote myself to playing”

Messi affirms before the judge he didn’t know about the issues that have led him to the bench

Alves confirms he goes to Juventus

David de Gea

“Mou is a winner like United and me”

Copa America

Argentina favourites for the centenary tournament

La Liga received €1,237m for television in 2015-16

€400m more than before

For 2016-17 the estimate is €1,573m

Infantino is under investigation and faces a 90 day suspension

Madrid want to bring him but the Portuguese counts on him

De Gea

Fight with Mourinho

The operation would amount to €50m

The club has told Keylor they count on him

Messi, on the bench

“I had no idea of anything, I devote myself to playing”

“I signed because I trusted my Dad”

Vietto, to raise cash

Barca, Valencia, Celta, and Villarreal have him on the agenda

“Alves leaves”

Robert announces goodbye to the Brazilian in his review of outstanding issues and the ‘crack’ says farewell: “I’m one cule more”


“We haven’t spoken to the player or to PSG. Anybody would like him.”


“He’s vital for our team and I have no doubt he’ll stay here.”


“He’s happy at Barca; there’s no reason to be nervous.”


Dismisses the Arsenal player and Aleix and Roberto will play right-back


“I’ve spoken with Ter Stegen and I’m very calm.”


Villarreal have been advised and on July 1 will get notification for Denis

Neymar and Jordan, start of a funny friendship

Messi declaration

“Confidence in my father”

Start of the Copa America

Everything you need to know about the tournament

Real Madrid

Florentino will return for De Gea