Cerezo explodes about the schedule for the first game and starts to talk of a bad smell

"They are thieves and puppets"

The government could intervene to stop the television war paralysing the League

Manchester United want Sahin

Valdebebas Suites: the rooms of residence (45 square metres) for the first team

Malaga dismantled: Cazorla goes to Arsenal for €15m and Pellegrini will be next

Athletic-Slaven: Los Leones begin on a good foot

"Any team in the world would come third in La Liga" says Mourinho in declarations to ESPN

"Even if it was City, United or Chelsea"

"How are they going to give the Ballon d'Or to Messi without him winning the Champions League or La Liga?"

Atletico supporters clubs appeal against kick-off times


55m: Neymar will be able to negotiate his future after the Games and now has a price

With Brazil he has matured and improved his football without the ball

To Barca, who have put down €15m, he would come cheaper than Javi Martinez

Superman Busquets: "I feel ready to play 70 games"

Adriano a doubt against PSG and Alba given time off

Espanyol-Montpellier: big test in front of their own supporters

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