Monday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English! 

Madrid makes Zidane crash

Rayo, with more verve, give themselves hope of salvation

Bielsa tells his players to give a goal in 'fair play'

"It's clear Getafe cannot be where they are"

Barca make history in reaching final

"You have to ask for forgiveness"

Zidane continues winless run away from home and explodes

Bale doesn't take teambus

Barca - first Spanish team in Champions League final for women

Neymar hits a fan in the stands

Bielsa presents a goal

Rubiales intends today to presdent his new Copa and Supercopa


Messi, smarter more than ever against Liverpool

Madrid KO'ed in Vallecas, 18 points from Barca

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