Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Fight and golazos

Relentless Madrid, Barca and Atletico

Three for Neymar, two for Messi

And Barca still haven’t conceded a goal

Maximum efficiency

Los Blancos with more shots than play

Return of the best Atletico

And the euphoria is back at the Calderon

A Madrid with plenty of goals

They just shot with a good Villarreal

Cholo returns, the great Atleti returns

Barca 6-0 Granada

Hat-trick for Neymar

Idols and leaders

Three goals for Neymar, two for Messi, who passes 400, and one for Rakitic, who wins over Camp Nou

Barca back top of the League after a match in which they worked non-stop from start to finish

Real’s shooting resolves the match against a great Villarreal

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