Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo.

Saul leads us to the final

Three goals and a great performance from Ceballos takes Spain past Donnarumma's Italy, Germany wait in Krakow final after beating England 4-3 on penalties, Celades' side want fifth Euro crown

Theo - "To play for Madrid has been my dream since I was little" - speaks for first time since signing

Ronaldo to play in Portugal semi final

Atletico wants to protect itself

Super Saul!

Three goals like three suns - 'I am happy, but the best is still to come'

Spain defeat Italy, final with Germany on Friday

Ceballos, a step to Madrid - the deal is almost closed, to sign for 5 or 6 years and could continue to play for Betis

Ronaldo, against Messi's executioners - Portugal look to go to final against Chile

Leader, Saul

A superb hat-trick from Niguez puts Spain in Friday's final against Germany

Deulofeu does not want to return to Barca

Debate on Bellerin - there is unaniminity, this is the ideal defender for Barca

Vidal: Cristiano is conceited

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