Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Ancelotti gifts the first half to Barca with new and untested sytem
Undiano has a terrible night as he failed to call a penalty on Ronaldo with the score at 1-0
A moment of genius from Alexis sent Madrid to defeat when they merited more
Oliver, it is your day
He will start for the first time with Atletico
El Cholo's men aiming to continue their chase of Barcelona
Vettel is crowned today
A thrashing from Luis Enrique's side

A monumental result from the Vigueles against a poor Malaga

Ancelotti and Undiano put the shackles on Madrid
The coach changed the team in order to make a place for Bale
The referee's fear to call a penalty provoked reaction from Madrid
Alexis settled the match with a sweet chipped goal during a bad spell for Barca
Oliver will start today for the first time
Arda is left out

It is 150 years now that football was born in a tavern in London

Super Leaders
Barca leave Madrid six points behind as Neymar stars with a goal
Alexis settled teh match with a piece of art in what was a vibrant match full of controversies

Muniz plays his part in an unfair loss

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