Monday's front page headlines from Marca, AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English,

There is a mess...and there is a league!

Iglesias Villanueva does not give Messi goal that crosses line, a great game which benefits Madrid duo

Bale warm for the Copa

City win 12 league games in a row

Controversy and league

Referee does not give valid Messi goal which reignites debate over VAR

Uria: "It's a clear goal, today for you, tomorrow for me"

Valverde: "The play was controversial, but we are not discouraged"

Madrid pay for bad planning

Vieira gives air to Ayestaran

Banega completes Sevilla win from 2-0 down

Angel, dangerous against an Espanyol in need

Another scandal

Ten months after the Villamarin, another error after clear Messi goal, the leaders were superior, Valencia reacted, Rodrigo scored then Alba after Messi assist

Without VAR or hawkeye in Mestalla

Real Madrid plan on a striker and perhaps a goalkeeper 

Espanyol look for goals to kickstart season

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