Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

4 crucial hours

All to play for La Liga in the new next nine match days

Simeone: “I laugh at the declarations of Cristiano and Sergio Ramos”

Cruyff: “The problem with Barca is that they have signed a 21-year-old who earns more than the rest who have won everything”

Ancelotti: “I do not know what will happen with Busquets”

Arteaga, the celebrated referee of Spanish basketball

“They tried to bribe me before the European final but I rejected it. Not everyone does this”

Firefighters rescue Jese from his house

Pep wins again nobody

Another record with Bayern after winning the Bundesliga after 27 match-days

Ramos travels

Though whether he plays or not is now known yet

Sevilla are in great form, led by the dangerous Bacca

Cruyff takes a stab: “The problem with Barca is Neymar; only 21-years-old yet he earns more than the rest of his team”

Jordi Bertomeu: “The NBA nor the Euroliga can stop international competition”

Simeone: “The declarations made after the Clasico made me laugh”

Passion and pressure

The heroes of the Bernabeu to regain the leadership in La Liga at the Camp Nou that will have to vibrate

Cruyff: “The problem at Barca is Neymar”

“They cannot have a 21-year-old who earns more than the rest of the players who have won everything”

Real and Atletico will play with added pressure knowing now that Barca are hot on their trail

Sergio Ramos is not pardoned: he will not be able to play today

Pep wins the Bundesliga in record time

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