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Atleti want La Liga

They put on show at Sevilla - Griezmann hat-trick, Diego Costa opened scoring, Camp Nou next week

Neymar's ankle makes you tremble ahead of Madrid clash

Pep wins his first trophy as City boss


Messi creates another work of art 

Invents a goal similar to Rivaldo or Ronaldinho, the footballer to score against most teams in the top division: 36

First title of Pep with City

Neymar danger before PSG

Simeone's Atleti don't break

Golden duo

Messi and Suarez lead the Pichihi with 22 and 20 goals respectively

After the 'little hand' against Girona, they both vie for Europe's Golden Boot

Total genius

Neymar scare, does not end game due to knee injury

Griezmann hat-trick and Atleti don't break in Sevilla

Pep wins his first trophy in England

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