Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

"Yes, we can"

The team believes in a comeback

"We will put our best on the field to be in the final"

The captains lead the fight in the hope of a magical night on Tuesday against Dortmund

They look for the 'Bayern effect': To get to 2-0 in half an hour

"It must prepare a trap," Alfredo Di Stefano

Del Bosque to go after the world cup

He will leave the bench of the national team even if the Federation want him to continue

Happy Birthday, Atletico

The Madrid club today celebrate 110 years

Barcelona: Chasing Hummels, Neymar in operation

Barca 64-53 Panathinaikos: It will be Madrid and Barca in London

Casillas talks of the desire for a comeback

"The Bernabeu has to show soul because the players that go out on Tuesday night will have to ready to take back the tie"

Cristiano will not play in the derby and will be rested for Borussia for Tuesday night

Basil 1-2 Chelsea, Fenerbahce 1-0 Benfica

Iniesta: "It can never be that bad a year if we win La Liga"

There will be a Clasico in the final four

Barca win suffering against Panathinaikos 64-53

Atletico celebrate 110 years today

The football and sports club celebrate with a dinner

6 signings

1 goalkeeper, 1 central defender, 2 midfielders, 2 strikers

Barca want six reinforcements that can be starting players

The current team is the base, but the new players must be competitive

The number 9 Lewandowski, can he go to Barca?

Today Tito speaks: 10 questions for Tito

Euroliga: To the final four

Barca will play for the title in London, Madrid wait for them in the semis

Tennis, Godo: Nadal leaves without playing because of the rain

Waterpolo: The ladies of Sabadell, reconquest Europe

Real Madrid, tension returns

Berated by their own fans

Casillas admit to his divorce with Mourinho

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