Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo, in English…

Asensio against the yellow wall

Madrid return to Germany, where they've played during all CL winning runs since the 7th trophy

Getafe sink the Yellow Submarine

Guedes serves up the Champions League

Mathieu: If I score, I'll celebrate it but only for Bartomeu and Robert

Diego Costa starts his countdown

"We want to play man-to-man against Madrid"

Bartra interviewed

Borussia are the leaders in Germany and have scored more than anyone else in top 5 leagues

Barca: Plan against the marking of Messi

Cesc, before Atleti game: We are similar - 'I doubt there is a '9' with more enjoyment than Costa'

Depor return to be sunk, Goals to dispel doubts, Zaza defeats La Real, Three goals in 13 minutes, Lega assault in Gran Canaria, Match between revelations


Barca the only team with all victories in their league and the Champions League

The hand of Valverde in tactical rotations and statistics

Dortmund wait for Madrid who've never won there

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