Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

The Promised-Land

Los Blancos dream of returning to the top after 20 months

In what has been a great comeback, Real Madrid could end the day as leaders

Cristiano will show off his Ballon d'Or to the Bernabeu

Another objective is to maintain their winning streak and to not concede

Nadal has no rival

Rafa thrashes Federer to play in the final against Wawrinka

Messi's contract - An pay rise is imminent

Barca have a pact with the Argentine to notably improve his contract

Caso Neymar: Going after Bartomeu

The Barca President insists on the €57.1m figure but shows document shows that he really did cost €86.2m. 

Rosells clarifies nine threats 

Mata is a United player

Neymar cost €86.2m plus wages and bonuses

It all adds up to €130.2m

Bartomeu admits all in his first intervention as Barca boos

Doing it for you: Cristiano dedicates his Ballon d'Or to the Bernabe

Objective: To end the day as leaders

Nadal makes the final in Australia

He overcomes Federer 7-6, 6-3, 6-3

He is bidding for his 14th Grand Slam

His head to head with Wawrinka is 12-0

Villar, Tebas, Cerezo and Florentino ask for the reprieve of Nido

Atletico reaches 64000 members for the first time


Barca explains everything with all the figures shown of Neymar's contract

Bartomeu, in his first press conference,says: "The player cost €57.1m, we have not lied"

Barto added: "I have recieved 314 whatapps, 190 sms and 82 missed calls. This weekend I will respond"

"There will be no elections in June, we will continue until 2016"

Madrid's offer to Neymar shown in full

The Roseel family reports nine threats to the police

Nadal, a machine: He destroys Federer in three sets and will play for the title against Wawrinka

Celta show no mercy to Calderon on his debut