Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

A winning machine

Nigeria 0-3 Spain

Implacable Spain progress to the semi-finals after three emphatic wins

La Roja suffered for a bit but could have scored more

Jordi Alba scored a surprising double

Torres scores the old-fashioned way

Italy want revenge

Balotelli: "I have been waiting one year for Spain"

Buffon: "Spain is the best, but, we do not fear them"

Zidane convinces Isco

One call was enough to change the Malagueno's mind from going to City and coming to Madrid

Bale confident with Florentino's vision

Gil Marin searches in Atlanta money for signings

Under 20 World Cup, Spain v Ghana

Derik, an eagle against the black stars

The Taliban kills 10 mountaineers in Nanga Parbat

Nine people on expedition killed at a base camp

Six climbers die in Gran Zebru in the Alps

To the semi-final with a new record

Nigeria 0-3 Spain

Spain break France's record of 27 games unbeaten

Jordi Alba scores two goals and Torres gets another and keeps his spot at the competition's top scorer

Four champions of the world in the semi-final, Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Italy, to dispute the title

World Cup Under 20: A victory against Ghana and Spain will be in the next round

Isco: "Madrid is my dream. It is one of the best teams in the world"

Rafa Benitez: "At Real Madrid I learned how to win with respect and education"

Nigeria 0-3 La Masia

Del Bosque lines with 8 Blaugrana players with Valdes as the goalkeeper

Jordi Alba scores a double and Fernando Torres gets the other

Blockbuster semi-finals: Brazil v Uruguay, Spain v Italy

Real Madrid: Isco, a splendid signing by Florentino, confirms that "I was a bit of an anti-Madridista"

Bayern Munich: Craziness in Munich over Guardiola's arrival

The presentation of Pep a worldwide event

Confederations Cup, Neymar: "At Barca I can give more"

The Brazilian promises the Blaugrana fans a great spectacle

Barcelona: Considering options

Thinking of going for some of the best players from other clubs

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