Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo


Madrid tell Kaka to go
The club confirms the Brazilian is not in their plans and inform him of an offer from Corinthians
Kaka does not want to return to Brazil, preferring to play in Europe although he does not rule out the United States
His high salary is a hindrance to any move
Modric lowers the pulse: he goes back to Tottenham and trains alone
Emre-Arda, the Turkish connection: the ´brothers` insist Atletico ´is one family`.


Madrid make things crystal clear to Kaka: "You are a substitute, look for a team”
Modric reconsiders and returns to training with Tottenham
"It upset me that the club did not deny my exit" - Alves complains of his treatment at Barcelona, who play their first game today against Hamburg
Oviedo examine the youth team: Higuain and Di Maria will lead Madrid in their first game
Atletico still close to signing Alvaro Vazquez


A fan of Puyol
The Blaugrana central defender is an idol for the wanted Javi Martinez
The Barca captain gives a present of a watch with his signature on it to all the Olympic squad members
Tito’s debut: Vilanova’s Barca raise the curtain with Messi and 12 reserves
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