Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Florentino goes with San Iker: a wink from the President who accompanies the captain to his game of solidarity

Casillas: I had sensed that I would get bench. I am not used to it and now I have to work

Mou: I have the conscience and calm which is good for my team

The fans have had enough; 82 per cent would dismiss according to a survey on Marca.com (more than 100,000 votes

What the world’s media are saying, ‘Apocalypse, Real Crisis, Rock bottom

Atletico’s Diego Simeone: I knew that we would win the last two matches

Premier League: ‘Pichichi Michu’ knocking on the door of the Spanish national team

Historic win: Benitez sends Chelsea into orbit with 8-0 win over Aston Villa

Rally: Nani Roma, a great representative for Spain in Dakar 2013

Del Bosque celebrates 62 years of success: the great thing about our team is that we have many level-headed guys

AS wishes you happy Christmas

Casillas: I had already sensed that I would be benched and I accepted it

Casillas: Puts Madrid above everything else, last night receives the support of the fans and Florentino

Mourinho, from Portugal: I have a calm conscience. It is good to lose to know how the others feel

Villa is not for sale, Zubizarreta: He is our winter signing

Benitez’s Chelsea puts eight past Aston Villa: Torres, David Luiz, Lampard, Hazard, Oscar, Ivanovic and Ramires (2) the scorers

De La Rosa: I will not return to the Spanish team. My objective is a third wheel

Simeone: I am where I want to be, in the place that I love and feel good

Apocalypse Mou

The ‘Casillas case’ starts a war between Madridism and the exhausted credit of the coach

Iker: says that it’s well and sends a message to Mou

Florentino: Doubt about the Portuguese and arranges a meeting with the captains

Mourinho: Uses irony to cover the loss at La Rosaleda

Barca: For the triple

With Madrid in turmoil Barca ready to battle for three big titles like in 2009

Meeting of Pep and Murtra in Barcelona

Bojan: If I score I will not celebrate

La Liga: Malaga drink a toast to an historic year

Handball, Barcelona’s Xavi Pascual: sooner or later we will lose        

Unicaja 71-69 Barca: Barca’s Copa bid falling away a bit more every time

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