Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo.

'My dream is to continue winning titles with Madrid'

Karim Benzema visits Real Madrid's New York academy - 'I'm waiting for the season to start already'

Playing the full squad - Spain U21

Cristiano won't pay 14.7M now

Zidane speaks with Mbappe

According to L'Equipe, meeting took place

Promised game time and assured he'd become a star at Madrid

Lucas Lima unleashes another Barca-Santos war - The Brazilian club think Bartomeu acted incorrectly

Spain U21 squad search for win against Serbia

Dembele 2018

Barca want to sign the star next year or in 2019, so he will arrive at club fully matured

Verratti's Ibiza-Paris-Ibiza journey

The lesson of 'signing' Lucas Lima

Ronaldo decides not to pay Hacienda in full

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