Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

The Friday of Ramos

Spain search for goals on the defender's centenary appearance

La Roja need to score today more goals than France against Georgia so that they can be ready for Paris

The Spanish national team shirt symbolises strength, value, and compromise...everything

Basketball: Madrid fall again but progress to the quarter finals

Madrid to sign Gundogan

He is an option for the future if Xabi Alonso, whose contract ends in 2014, does not renew

Madrid 2020: This time, yes

Optimism surrounds Madrid's bid before the COI

La Roja need to score a few against Finland so that a draw in Paris will be enough

The goal-scoring is in the hand of Mister Goal (David Villa inset)

Del Bosque: "We have regained Villa, the best exponent of Spanish football"

France v Georgia: Benzema search for his first goal in nine months for France increases the tension ahead of Georgia

Israel v Portugal: Cristiano to eclipse Obama in Israel

Kazakhstan v Germany: Khedira and Ozil to lead De Low's men

Holland v Estonia: Sneijder returns to the first team

Brazil 2-2 Italy: Diego Costa debuts for Brazil

15000 Turks to follow their team to Madrid

The capacity for tickets for the away visitors is only 3500

"Maybe it will be the third time lucky", the commission of the COI finish their evaluation of Madrid 2020

Barca casting for the final piece, a central defender

Hummels, number 1

Kompany  the unrevealed so far

The German is the most liked, and the Belgium reappears on the list with Garay as the last option

Tito, Zubi and Rosell will decide on the next meeting which is the main objective at centre-half

Gerard Pique clarifies that "Vilanova always kept in contact"

Messi: "No for one moment was I sad"

Athletics: Pietro Mennea dies, the fastest white man ever

Cycling: Valverde falls and Martin is the new leader

Basketball: Barca remain first in the group

Brazil 2-2 Italy: Neymar is brilliant for the 'canarinha'

The Brazilians ensure that he will leave Santos and go to Barcelona to negotiate

La Roja, to leave aside some Barca players

The trainer to rest Pedro and Xavi, they will be subs and they will still play with seven Barca players

Del Bosque considers Mou's rant as childish

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