Thursday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English…

"No" - Simeone's painful answer

"Would I be willing to offer Torres another season?"

Assensio and Lucas give Madrid impulse

Carrasco, a step away

De Gea, with the stop of the year

Medium Madrid was sufficient

Zidane: "I'm happy for Lucas, for Asensio, for Kovacic..."

De Gea saves United - Sevilla were much superior, with 8 shots on target

Carrasco leaving for the Chinese league - his exit and Torres-Simeone duel the focus ahead of Copenhagen

Villarreal, between the comeback and the fear of Mariano, Athletic wait for 800 Russian ultras, La Real must score in Salzburg

30 titles - Messi, Iniesta

Leo and Andres, the heroes of Stamford Bridge, are record holders at Barcelona, Barca's golden age cannot be explained without these two geniuses

De Gea stops Sevilla and leaves the tie open at Old Trafford

Cristiano's absence doesn't impact Madrid

Atletico and Athletic to confirm last 16 places, La Real and Villarreal, to fight

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