Wednesday's front page headlines from Marca, Diario AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English…

The unusual Rodrigo case

Madrid insists they don't want to buy, Valencia that they don't want to sell, Marcelino confirms, player wants to stay at Mestalla, has a 120m clause

...but Lopetegui is a big fan

Rakitic to have an anti-PSG contract

Filipe Luis has a price of 30m

The '7' of Cristiano that still is not owned

Club to decide between Vinicius, Asensio or a signing

Filipe Luis insists on leaving - 30m clause to PSG

Alcacer looks for a loan and Rakitic to stay

'"Sell to Pogba"

Agent ramps up tensions with United, Barca look to a future signing

Club has no further news of PSG interest in Rakitic

Perez looks to finish the market with a new signing

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