Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Again, Cholo

Simeone knows the way. He beat Mourinho in the Copa and Chelsea in the Super Copa

Calderon will be full and will be pushing their team to Lisbon

Simone: "They can have better players, but not more passion"
Mou refuses to speak in Spanish: "Nobody gets here without a great squad"
Bayern training in secret

Guardiola demands his side to not leave Xabi and Cristiano free

Pedro yes, Cesc no

Barca’s directors take note of the Camp Nou verdict

Now Atleti, Now!
Courtois: “I feel relieved that I will be able to play”

From translator, to being translated to

Mourinho refuses to respond in Spanish

Bayern arrive with five thousand fans

Bale has a fever but Ancelotti is still counting on him

Howard Webb will referee Madrid-Bayern

Laporte convinces

Barca’s directors are convinced by the Athletic defender after his display at Camp Nou

They like his age, his height but the price (36 million) is the downside

David Luiz back on Barca’s radar

Messi threatens Ronaldo; he is only two goals behind the Portuguese

Cesc, the focus of the Camp Nou jeers

Atleti’s date with history

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