Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Khedira talks from Germany, "We have returned to be the real thing,"

"We have put to the side our own vanities"

"Ozil can be one of the best players in the world...if he makes the case and shoots more on goal"

"Mou is a great trainer and a great person, if it was up to me, he would stay"

Gala FIFA, suspicions over voting

Pandev: "I voted for Mou, but, strange things happened

De Gea: "Zamora is a legend and Iker has everything"

Centenary before anybody

Ramos, the youngest player to get to 100 games for Spain

Diego opens the door: "Atletico want me and it is nice to know"

Perez-Reverte: "Chess is more important than sport"

Ramos is the youngest player to play 100 games with Spain

Ramos: "I am proud to be a centenarian"

"The European Cup is the objective but it is not an obsession"

Busquets: "I would sign Ramos for Barca"

Hagi: "Galatasaray play like Madrid, they are better on the counter"

Adrian: "I have not felt like I did in the season of last"

Favourites are De Gea and Reina

Barca accelerate their search for a goalkeeper and these are the candidates most sort-after

Azulgrana searches for quality and experience in case Vilanova cannot convince Valdes to stay

Real Madrid, Mourinho: 15 days of fury

After the elimination of United, he has taken fire at his players, Barca and FIFA

National team: Del Bosque takes Finland seriously and will not rest anyone

Premier League, Yaya Toure's ultimatum: "I will renew this week or I will leave City"

Roura and Altimira to spend the weekend in New York and return with Tito

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