Today’s front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Atletico fired up for the summer

Vietto tied up, Jackson is next

The Colombian is worth around €35m and would, after his compatriot Falcao, be the second most expensive signing in the club’s history

Liverpool bid €22m for Illarra

If Benitez gives the go-ahead, the club and player will accept the Reds’ offer

Neymar told the referee: “You want to make yourself famous at my expense...”

The day of the ‘yes I do’

Llorente, Pedro, Varane, Keylor Navas and Rakitic all got married yesterday

Promotion playoff - Las Palmas-Zaragoza (1-3)

The prize is a ticket to paradise

Cristiano kicks up a mood

The five reasons for his unhappiness:

1. He doesn’t want to continue working under Dr. Olmo

2. Didn’t feel support for his birthday party

3. The treatment of Casillas and Ramos

4. Learned from the press that he wants to play No 9

5. Believes Benitez must visit him like he did for Bale

Neymar grabbed the referee’s neck and swore at him five times

CONMEBOL softened the punishment by not understanding aggression

Las Palmas-Zaragoza: One of the two teams will be promoted today

The Aragonese side defend a 3-1 lead from the first leg

FIFAGate: “Leoz covered up buying houses, cars and estates” - Confident X, Chapter III

Neymar defenceless

His four-match ban is the best proof yet that stars are unprotected

He was stitched up during the game, but the referee only took into account his reaction - Brazil appeal to have his punishment reduced

Dunga: Players who take lots of fouls must be protected

Mascherano: He got 20 kicks and booked for a hand

Women’s World Cup - Quereda refuses to resign after criticism from his players

Las Palmas-Zaragoza – a historical team will return to La Liga today

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