21 December-2014

Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

The best in the world

Undeniable victory by a team that marks an era

Imperial Ramos: he played with an injury and with another great header opened the door to Madrid glory

Bale scores again in a final and finishes off San Lorenzo

“We still want to win more” is the unanimous opinion of an insatiable team

Sergio, a golden header

Numancia-Lugo 6-6: Soria, in the record books

Barcelona goal feast warms things up

Casillas the only captain in the world with a complete collection

Champions of the world

Great goals

Barca say goodbye to the year with a victory where they didn’t need to put their foot on the accelerator

1-0  The Canaries player opens the can after a great assist from Rakitic

2-0  The Uruguayan gets off the mark in La Liga with a goal that has its own history

3-0  Pique heads into the bottom corner from a set-piece

4-0  Leo shoots with his right, his ‘bad foot’, to continue scoring

5-0  The star rounds off the win with a controlled and defined piece of magic

Ramos and Bale seal victory against the Argentines

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