Thursday's front page headlines from Marca, AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English…

Tied at 53 goals 

Cristiano and Messi have the same number of goals in 2017

Their scoring influence in Madrid and Barca victories is almost identical

Torres: I never want to create division with Simeone

Villar appears by surprise in the Christmas Federation 

Yeray leads the kings and plays with Athletic's Under-23s

El Pistolero points to the Bernabeu

Luis Suarez on a special training plan for the Bernabeu, arrives with 4 goals in his last 3 league games

Cristiano Ronaldo and Jordi Alba in cotton wool, Messi more decisive than Ronaldo in winning titles, Ter Stegen imposing in goalkeeper duel

How to win at Madrid

Iniesta has the keys: To be on the front foot, dominate the ball, to be efficient, minimise chances for Real Madrid

Girona want a good end to a magical year

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