Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Like Beasts

A full Calderon will try and put a stop to the Barca machine

Trouble on the grass as Diego Costa faces Neymar-Messi

Tottenham sign Willian, Bale's substitute

They invest €35 million, money they will get from the sale of Bale, in the Brazilian

Iker Casillas, a legend on the bench

"Marquez will become better than all of us"

A real Bavarian, Pep Guardiola

Marc to lead Spain to another triumph

La Real put on an exhibition in Lyon

Golazos from Griezmann and Seferovic puts one foot in the next round

A night of champions

Barca choose Madrid to show off their squad for the first time

Simeone: "They are the best but we have some real weapons"

Martino: "To be favourites does not guarantee you will succeed"

Raul already is in Madrid

He arrived last night and today will speak and train at the Bernabeu

Basketball: Spain suffer against Macedonia (66-61)

La Real put a foot in the next round with two golazos from Griezmann and Seferovic

Super duel

Barca looking to take out the title in tonight's big game and by putting on a good show

Simeone: "Hopefully we have patience, belief and that we are strong"

Martino: "Atletico is a team that wins a lot"

Tata wants a central defender

Survey: An immense majority of Barcelonistas want Casillas to sign for Barca

Real Madrid: Bale will be a Blanco for €109 and Coentrao who will go to Tottenham

Champions League, Lyon 0-2 Real Sociedad: Two golazos and progress is in the bag

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