Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo.

Madrid derby? Better in the final

Another Spanish lottery 

A derby in Cardiff would make it the most repeated final in UCL history, Monaco and Juve the obstacles

Historic night for Celta - the Galicians qualify for their first ever European last four spot

Ramos to renew with Madrid until 2021 - he will get a one year extension due to his good performances

Messi enters final stage in renovation talks

Madrid, searching 59 years for the UCL/La Liga double

Bale may be unavailable pending fitness, Neymar suspended

Match of champions - Sevilla would virtually guarantee top 4 with Granada win

Road to Cardiff

Atletico want a Madrid derby in the semi finals, RM want it in the final

Mbappe and Dybala's sides still remain in strong last four

Celta make history and reach semi finals - Sisto goal leads team to last four in Europa League

Neymar, no, Bale, maybe - Neymar appeal on suspension fails, the Welsh forward wants to play but it's pending medical evaluation

Do you want to come to Madrid? Cristiano and Ramos spoke to Lewandowski at the Bernabeu

Monchi: If nothing goes wrong, my future is at Roma

Clash of lions: Sampaoli and Granada


Lionel Messi values Barcelona's level of support against Juventus in the Camp Nou very highly

The team's main aim is to give back, via El Clasico, their gratitute to the fantastic support

Youth League - Barca today play semi final against Red Bull Salzburg

Celta's historic semi final qualification

Atletico and Real don't want Juventus

Bale, recovering, points to El Clasico - should fight for a place against Marco Asensio

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