20 May-2015

Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Tug Of War

Monday May 18. Real Madrid: Iker, if you want to stay then stay but we are going to sign a goalkeeper

Florentino and Casillas celebrate the captain’s 700th game

The signing of De Gea could convince the captain to change teams

Keylor Navas waiting for any movement

Everybody with Lucho

The squad closes ranks with the Coach

Rakitic: “Nobody thinks he won’t carry on at Barcelona”

Mascherano: “He gave us the opportunity to become champions”

Atletico run less

Segunda, passion for promotion

Oscar keeps La Pucela in the fight

Araujo halts the Canarian team’s good run away from home

‘Carry on Ancelotti’

The squad have asked Florentino for the Italian’s continuity

Cold meeting between the Coach and the President at the presentation of a new club app

De Gea, awarded Player of the Year by United

Madrid count on Casillas for next season. They have already informed the player, who is 34 today

Xavi will be able to lift the League trophy at the Camp Nou

The Federation changes its criteria: Villar will present the trophy on Saturday

Tuned in to win

The relationship between Luis Enrique and Messi improves

They have buried their differences for the good of the team and are closer

Mascherano, Xavi, Bartomeu and Unzue mediate in the tension

Chiellini: “I don’t hold a grudge against Suarez”

Saturday, a tribute to Xavi and the champions trophy

Real Madrid: Iker stays and bad vibes between Florentino and Ancelotti

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