Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

Kings of La Liga

Real Madrid 79-71 Barcelona

Madrid proclaimed as champions seven years later

Felipe returns to give a lesson and is chosen as man-of-the-match

"Spain, have mercy." the goalkeeper of Tahiti begs for clemency

Torres: "We lack this Cup and we are trying to win it"

"I hope that the best goal of Spain in the Maracana is arriving"

"Names do not win games"

Ancelotti praises Morata and Jese

Villas-Boas: "Bale not leaving Tottenham"

Girona 0-1 Almeria: Almeria, take a step to glory

Charles' goal puts his side on top

Sanchon misses a penalty in the 74 minute

Jose Maria Olazabal: the 'prince' of sport

"To recieve the same award that Severiano Ballesteros years after feels me with pride"

Giants and champions

Madrid win La Liga for the 31st time

Laso gives Florentino what Mourinho did not

Spain v Tahiti: To a Maracana amid continuing protests

Brazil 2-0 Mexico: Neymar lifts Brazil

He scores a goal and creates the second for Jo

Girona 0-1 Almeria: Almeria strikes first and is almost through

Going nowhere

Russia do not allow Capello to take over PSG and again block Ancelotti's exit

Magic and a wonder-goal

A great Neymar opens the scoring, dominates the game and takes his country to the semis

La Roja to book a semifinals spot with a goal-feast

Basketball, Real Madrid 79-71 Barcelona: Barca did their best but lose La Liga despite fighting to the end

Real Madrid: Capello not allowed to sign for PSG and it complicates Ancelotti's arrival

Golfer, Txema Olazabal, chosen for the Prince of Asturias of Sport award

Barcelona, match-ball comment from De Gea dedicated to Thiago

"See you in Manchester," De Gea writes to Thiago

Promotion playoff, Girona 0-1 Almeria: Almeria put one foot in the Primera as they bid their return to the top-flight

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