Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English!

Morata makes it rain millions!

He joins CFC for 80m + 5m in variables

Agreed Chelsea move yesterday, leaves as the biggest transfer in Spain's and Real Madrid's history

And Costa is already free to join Atletico

Man City pay 30m +5m for Danilo

Villar to go in front of jury today

Morata for 80m

"I'm going to the manager who's bet the most on me. I've already talked with Torres"

Spanish football's new record sale

Preparation of motion to censure Villar 

Barcelona asked Neymar to deny PSG rumours and he refused

Paulinho in January

Although not discared for now, each time it is more difficult to sign him this summer

Barca travel to New York, Verratti's new deal with Raiola

Morata to Chelsea for 80m

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