Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Ancelotti reveals his recipe

‘In a crisis we look for solutions, not guilty parties’

‘You have to talk less about Cristiano and let him play,’ Ancelotti suggests

‘I like my relationship with the squad to be on the same level, not of authority’


Bayern, PSG, City, United and Roma enter the auction


Returns to the group after 95 days without working

Alone with Koke

‘It’s hard to see your teammates and be unable to do anything to help’

The Rojiblanco icon admits in the longest recovery of his career: ‘It was written that I would break down against Real Madrid’

Modric: Objective El Clasico

He returned to training with the group yesterday, 95 days without working

It’s expected he will play some minutes to get ready for March 22

Cristiano already a single goal from Santillana

The government fails and the LFP threatens strike

The sports bill isn’t now in the Council of Ministers


‘The whistles to Ancelotti were shameful’

Torres returns to the bench against Almeria

Arda takes his place and Saul continues in the XI

Messi disagrees with Luis Enrique

‘The team has changed after the defeat at Anoeta’

‘We’ll win titles’

Leo Messi claims ‘if Barca keep playing like this’ they’ll reach success

‘The dressing room wanted to change the image we gave at Anoeta. We’ve found a good dynamic’

MD interviews Jordi Alba

‘The character of Luis Enrique is contagious’

The defender is a ‘master’ of chess and sleeps 12 hours a day

Champions League

Pellegrini enacts a law of silence

He doesn’t allow the Manchester City players to talk

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