Wednesday's front page headlines from Marca, AS & El Mundo Deportivo, in English.

Griezmann may cost Barca dearly

Atleti report Barca to FIFA over forward

"It's for the integrity of the competition" - player was 'contacted' without permission, Barca deny negotiation

Modric takes command

10m for Mascherano - to go to China when Umtiti returns

Carlos Vela leaving La Real

Atleti report Barca to FIFA over Griezmann

Amor confessed on Movistar+ contact with father, Roma was sanctioned in similar 'Mexes case'

Bale is trained hard - Zidane doubt between maintaining Isco or playing BBC

"Neymar was always in Messi's shadow" - Rivaldo

Lega draw with 10

"El Clasico motivates me"

Paulinho dresses as Santa Claus, supports Coutinho move

Atleti report Barca to FIFA on Griezmann

Masche to go when Umtiti returns

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