Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

The prophecy

Juventus-Real Madrid, one day to go

Zidane predicted the successes of the club in 2003

Interview with Marca on May 6, 2003

“I want La Decima, La Undecima and La Duodecima”

He could follow the path of Miguel Munoz, winning the League and Champions League as a Coach and player

Ramos has an love affair with the Champions League

Here in Cardiff, Bale is king

Zidane motivates the squad with images of the film ‘300’

A city in lockdown for the final

Benzema, could match Kopa with three Champions Leagues

Griezmann toes the line in wake of the CaTAStrofe

“I want to go back to Barca’s style”

Women’s Champions League

Vero Boquete and Irene are left without the title

“We’ll win 2-0”

Mijatovic, the hero of La Septima, backs his club for Cardiff

“The biggest danger is Higuain and Alves is playing like a young lad again”

“In 98, we were scared, but winning was entering the Museum of the Bernabeu”

Lack of beds, camping in Cardiff at €172 a night

Carvajal is ready and will start the Final

Valverde: “My idea is to return to a style more like Barca’s”

Vero Boquete’s PSG lose the Champions League Final on penalties

CAS says ‘no’ to Atletico

They will not be able to sign anyone until January

The plan is to keep the spine, bring back loanees and go for Vitolo, Lacazette and Diego Costa in the winter

“I know what I’ve let myself in for”

Ernesto Valverde assumes the reins of Barca as “a very demanding challenge”

He bows down to Messi: “It’ll be an experience to coach him, he’s the best I’ve seen”

His tactical system

“I’m aware of Barca hallmarks, but the drawing board isn’t that important”

Anti-Violence ‘passes’ the insults for Pique

Leo, from China: “I want to go back to winning everything”

A new wrong from CAS: Atleti, cannot make signings this summer

Bale, to convince Zidane in the last training session

Lyon, women’s champions on penalties

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