Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Kroos the best passer at the World Cup

No one has passed more and with more precision in the World Cup and the Champions League

Madrid? Now is not the time to talk about it

Neuer revolution

The keeper dazzles the world of football with his liberating performance against Algeria

Di Miracle

The Madrid player was the best and scored the winner just 6 minutes before penalties beckoned

Belgium come up against a Howard wall after 39 shots

Another excellent extra time

Fernanda Colombo

Being pretty has penalised me

An assistant referee in the First division in Brazil has become a celebrity

Sacchi: It would be criminal to oust Del Bosque

Francisco lets them off

The Swiss effort in the 120th minute miraculously hits the post

Argentina progress to the quarters with a goal from Di Maria and heavenly help

America-Europe, a four-all draw

Brazil-Colombia, France-Germany, Holland-Costa Rica, Argentina-Belgium

Belgium can only break USA in another spectacular extra time

Madird already negotiating for Falcao according to L'Equipe

The sale of Diego Costa to Chelsea is official

€38m for Atletico

Barca meet today with Liverpool over Luis Suarez

Messi (Yes Messi)

Messi made the Di Maria goal that avoided penalties and Argentina will play Belgium in the quarters

The Blaugrana star is the only player who has collected four man of the match awards in the four games played

The Belgians progress after a frantic extra time

Brazil believe in Neymar more than their psychologist

I want to make history

I said yes to Zubi as strongly as the day I got married

Rakitic impresses on his presentation

Barca and Liverpool meet today to sign Luis Suarez

The folders of Zubi 1. Xavi asks for time 2. Alexis, there are offers 3. Pedro, untransferable

Real Madrid

Iker and Diego Lopez to go and Casilla and Navas to arrive

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