Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo.

The Three Terrors

The goalkeepers face-to-face with La Liga's Pichichis

Moya: “To have these pests in La Liga is really wonderful”

Tono: “Falcao can match the other two stars”

Munua: “Cristiano loads up his shooting leg in brutal fashion”

Christian Alvarez: “Messi impresses me, pure magic”

The man ‘Ballack’ caught at 211kmh in Trujillo

Copa del Rey draw - Real Madrid and Barcelona could face each other in the semi-finals

Kaka returns as a big shot to the starting line-up

Busquets the best-kept secret

Falcao: 100 per cent Atletico: the player’s ownership entirely belongs to the club

Los Rojiblancos have now paid, through their own resources, €29m of the €40m he cost

Casillas promises to improve: “I’ll keep working to change the opinions of those against me”

“With this FIFA virus there are youngsters capable of playing”

Iniesta: “We’ve never seen a video concerning Pepe”

Neymar, What A Goal!

Neymar scored a goal for the archives with a brilliant ‘sombrero’

The star celebrates his 200th game for Santos in style

There is no Pepe video: MD reveals that personalised images of the central defender do not exist, only a video to used to motivate

Mou, obsessed with Barca

Lauridsen: “We will move forward”

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