Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Biggest deployment of police since Barcelona [Olympics] 92

Matter of pride

Ramos suffered with his shoulder on Monday and trains at half power, but the spirit of [the No] 4 is vital for Madrid

The worst possible enemy

Luis Suarez arrives impatient: involved in 62% of Barcelona’s goals

“I won’t target Ramos’ shoulder”

The Clasico of the representatives

Only Gines Carvajal has players on both teams

38 agents of players, attending the Bernabeu

Finally abandons the gym and stands in goal

Keylor, ready

Benitez hopes to arrive at the game without any medical absences

Carvajal and Marcelo trained well and will be starters

Messi will be tested tomorrow to find out if he’s a starter

Atletico reach 80,000 members

45% are under the age of 30 and 22% are from outside Madrid

Luis Suarez

“I won’t go looking for Ramos’ shoulder, like they won’t [go after] Messi’s knee”


The number of troops doubled. It will reach 2,600

The committee changes Fernandez Borbalan’s linesman

Canelo Prieto tears his Achilles tendon and is replaced by Barbero Sevilla

Chencho Arias

“Of course, I’m going to Santiago Bernabeu”

Mes-Si at the Bernabeu

Since Leo re-joined the group his feelings have gotten better and he’s crazy for reappearing in Madrid

He looks to play 90 minutes but the coaching staff recommend caution and he could miss the Blancos

Suarez is prepared: “Whistles are my motivation”

Neymar arrives intact despite the hardness of Brazil-Peru

Borbalan changes his linesman after 22 games

The extreme security: It’s advised to leave three hours early

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