Today's front page headlines from Marca, AS & Mundo Deportivo.

Madrid in charge of Europe

Atleti and Real Madrid beat English and German champions

3rd Atleti semi final in 4 years, Real Madrid historic 7th consecutive semi final

Ronaldo: I only ask you don't whistle me

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to score a hat-trick against Bayern, Marcelo was superb, Ronaldo second goal highly controversial

A bulls-eye header from Saul was enough for dutiful Atleti against a willing and hard-working Leicester

Madrid have now scored in 55 consecutive games; Xabi Alonso got a standing ovation at the Bernabeu

Barca embark on 'Mission Impossible II'

Cristiano overthrows Bayern

A hat-trick for Ronaldo and 100 Champions League goals

Madrid are the first team to reach seven consecutive semi-finals

Another semi final! - Saul's goal made useless the efforts of Leicester

Luis Enrique believes in comeback - Dybala to lead Juventus attack

Comeback part 2

"If we get the first, the second will ignite the Camp Nou and the third will come"

"We will have to score 5 goals to beat Juve"

Scandal in the Bernabeu! - referee Kassai sends off Vidal and awards 2 offside goals to Ronaldo

Atleti suffer but reach the last four - a goal from Saul enough for qualification

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