Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

The heavyweights asked to speak with the Coach

The squad convinces Benitez to go out against Barca

The Coach shared the view of the locker room and argued until now he hadn’t had all of his players

Messi will be at the Bernabeu

Neymar senior: We’ll have to leave Spain

The future of the Brazilian star is in the air

Croatia Under-21 2-3 Spain Under-21

Leaders with a Deulofeu double

Germany-Netherlands also suspended

There were well-founded suspicions of an attack in Hannover

‘Talked about the risk of an attack taking place with explosives,’ the Police said

La Marseilles resounded in London in tribute to the victims of Paris


Honoured football

The bad news was Germany-Netherlands

Called off for risk of an attack

Spain spent a sleepless night

The suspension came after checking that Salah Abdeslam prowled the ground the day before


‘The reasonable thing is maximum transparency and playing the Clasico’

Messi presents the boots he’s going to wear at the Bernabeu

Neymar’s father notifies Barca

‘If we don’t have a comfortable tax position, we’ll go’


Germany-Holland in Hannover is suspended by a bomb threat that was not confirmed


90,000 people sing La Marseilles in Wembley to show their support for France

Three days to the Clasico

Fearsome Suarez

He is the great white nightmare: decided the last Clasico and has scored in four consecutive rounds of the League

Messi golazo in test game

Borbalan will whistle and the claims of the assistant are investigated

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