Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo…

Cristiano always plays and tonight he plays with the boys so take care

Madrid are insatiable despite the 1-6 advantage as Barca match draws near

Madridismo crosses its fingers as it hopes that CR7, Ramos and Xabi all stay clear of injury

Schalke to test out Isco, Morata, Illarra, Nacho and Jese

Atletico devouring records

They have an average of 2.39 points in La Liga, pulverising the record of the Atletico team that won the double

The game under suspicion: Investigation into the friendly between Indonesia and Andorra on March 26 has been corrupted by the Asian mafia

€250m to keep Messi

The Argentine has asked Barca for €25m net per year

The mess over Neymar's contract is costing Barca

Cristiano and youth

Isco, Illarra, Jese and Morata all to start against Schalke

Drogba concerns Mourinho

Quini: "To see Villa as a kid was impressive"

Alejandro Blanco defends Marta Dominguez: "One has to question if the passport is trustworthy one hundred percent"

Aduriz equalises after missing a penalty

What comes, comes

Messi's form is a serious concern for Madrid

The star of Barca is now aiming for the records of Di Stefano and Hugo Sanchez

He has equalled Di Stefano's record of 18 goals scored in the Clasicos

Messi has scored 233 La Liga goals, one less than Hugo Sanchez

Since returning from injury, Messi has scored 10 goals compared to Cristiano Ronaldo's 5

Ancelotti wants Di Maria ton continue

Florentino is willing to transfer the Argentine

The little tiff between Mourinho and Mancini continues tonight

Conspicuous by their absence: Barca directors fail to show up for lunch with Madrid

The team are impressed by the mental strength of Iniesta

Rumours dismissed that Tata is to leave Barca

11 Barcelonistas have scored against Los Blancos

Ricciardo and Magnussen, the young boys in the Formula 1

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