Today's front-page headlines from Marca, AS and Mundo Deportivo

Capello's words

"Madrid are favourites in La Liga and the Champions League"

"They have an extraordinary team and with Ancelotti they play even more vertical"

The Russian coach believes the favourites for the world cup are Germany, Spain, Argentina and Brazil

The last miracle

Iker is 18 minutes away from an incredible record

Neymar out, Messi stars

The Brazilian injures his knee and set alarms bells ringing

Another "Maradoniano' goal by Leo

Bautista shakes up the Australian Open

Nobody can stop the Hispanics

Objective: Alberto Moreno

Madrid have already decided on who will replace Fabio Coentrao

21 years old, full back for Sevilla, International, € 30m clause

Ancelotti: "I believe it was by error that gave Ozil the chance to leave"
Diego Costa makes Atletico history

No other player in history had scored 19 goals in the first half of the season

Neymar suffers an injury to his ankle as Messi scores twice

La Real into the next round

Europe gives up against Madrid after 30 wins

Dakar: Peterhansel assures that no team will attack Roma

Messi OK

Neymar KO               

Super Leo returned with a double and one work of art as Barca progress

Mythical Xavi; 700 games

The Brazilian suffers an injury to his ankle but according to sources he could still play against City

The future of Camp Nou

Casting for centre halves

Real Madrid: €170m on the bench, Isco, Bale and Illarra

Coca Cola offers to give a name to the Bernabeu bench

Australian Open: The heat lays waste

Bautista surprises after defeating Del Potro

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